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    I like to tell people that there is no such thing as a bad time for a good cigar; that a cigar can make any time the golden time of day, enhancing morning glories, afternoon delights, and the heat of the night.

    While I think that picking the right cigar to smoke depends more on your mood and appetite for a particular cigar, there are those who subscribe to the progressive method of picking which cigars to smoke daily; mild in the morning, medium bodied in the afternoon, and full bodied in the evening, moving up rungs of that ladder according to how many cigars you smoke a day.  In some ways it makes sense, permitting your taste buds to adjust as the day progresses.

    But to rigidly adhere to that method is about as nonsensical these days as always drinking red wine with meat and white wine with fish.  Wine connoisseurs will tell you that that rule was made to be broken and the same applies to cigars.  Drink what you like when you like, smoke what you like when you like.

    One of my favorite cigars is a thick 60 ring gauge, dark chocolate in complexion, full of idiosyncrasies and surprises while maintaining a consistency from cigar to cigar.  It therefore has made for an excellent after breakfast cigar, the first cigar of the day, which is my favorite since my taste buds have had a good night’s sleep and are fresh with anticipation.  The cigar is mild enough to not overwhelm my newly awakened palate, but rich enough to provide a creamy accompaniment for my morning coffee.

    When I first started smoking cigars, I often tried to follow the advice of those with more experience on which cigars to select and when to smoke them, but after trying dozens of cigars that others liked but I hated, I decided to trust my own tastes and instincts and it has served me well.  There are times when a mild cigar suits me just fine, and when a full bodied cigar is that only thing that will bring abundant satisfaction at a particular moment, I do tend to smoke the full bodied, and recommend the same to others, only after a good meal.

    Often I find cigar selection is dictated as much by time as it is by taste.  If I have a longer period of time to smoke, I tend to go with a longer, more robust cigar that I can smoke to fit the time period; I don’t try to consume a full bodied cigar rapidly as I will not enjoy it and it probably won’t enjoy me.  That’s not to say that I won’t smoke a mild or medium bodied cigar during those periods of leisure; that generally depends on my mood and appetite at the moment.  Mostly I just want to enjoy the cigar; so again, there is no bad time for a good cigar.

    But cigar manufacturers are taking into account not only less leisure time in our hectic lives, but also the fact that indoor bans have taken away many venues where we can sit down and take the time for a good smoke.  As a result, shorter, but stocky cigars are being made called petite robustos and short Churchill’s, smaller versions of cigars that deliver the same flavor is a tighter package.  So, these cigars accommodate the person who only has a half hour at lunch or the drive home, or that walk through the park after dinner.

    I guess the real rule for choosing which cigar to smoke when is that there a really no rules; smoke what you enjoy when you enjoy them, with the only limitation being time.  I personally hate to relight a cigar after it has been out for more than about 15 minutes, so I always try to make sure I have time to smoke the entire cigar I light up.  But again, to each their own.  I have seen people carry around and light the same cigar for two days and appear to get as much satisfaction the second day as they did the first.

    Besides meals, you might want to consider what you are drinking when picking a cigar as a mild cigar won’t stand up well to a bold scotch or bourbon, but a full bodied cigar could overwhelm the delicate flavor of a pilsner.  And, a ripe peach or a fruity sorbet might be just the palate cleaner for any number of potency of cigar.

    The fun thing about cigars is that there are a myriad of sizes, shapes, colors and complexities to suit anyone’s taste at any time of the day.  Try as many as you can and you will discover that the golden time of day has no fixed hour and is defined only by you.

    I want to know your favor cigars and favorite times of the day to smoke them.

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